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        KHIMIA 2019 KHIMIA 2019 KHIMIA 2019
        KHIMIA 2019
        KHIMIA 2019
        KHIMIA 2019
        KHIMIA 2019
        2019.09.16-2019.09.19 Booth 22C10
        Expocentre,Moscow,Russian Federation

        Khimia?is a meeting place for chemical manufacturers, service providers, suppliers of the latest equipment, materials and technologies, and consumers from all over the world. According to industry experts, Khimia has a great impact on development of the chemical, petrochemical and other industries, and promotes ties between Russian and foreign companies. ? ? ? ?? OKCHEM at?Khimia?2018 As a leading B2B platform integrated with the online and offline service solutions, OKCHEM also participated in this exhibition andshowed at booth 22B72.?OKCHEM caught attentions from many chemical buyers and suppliers, and attracted over a thousand of visitors from Russia, Belarus, Germany and other countries.?OKCHEM also attracted a lot of attention from the media partners. The?Khimia?organizer visited our booth and gave us an interview. Our?Russian colleague Tamara gave a detailed introduction ?about OKCHEM platform and?services. At?Khimia?2018, we had offered solutions to chemical buyers and suppliers from different sectors in the chemical industry according to their requirements. In the future, we will still keep on working hard to serve all the OKCHEM users, and help them find the most suitable solutions for?their business. Whether you are a buyer or seller, OKCHEM will spare no effort to help you expand business in the global market.

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