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        • Ethyl vanillin

          Ethyl vanillin

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          Brand: ZHONGHUA
          Categories: Putties

          Ethyl vanillin is colorless solid consists of a benzene ring with hydroxyl, ethoxy, and formyl groups on the 4, 3, and 1 positions, respectively. It is a synthetic molecule. As a flavorant, ethylvanillin is about three times as potent as vanillin and is used in the production of chocolate

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        • Premium Wall Putty

          Premium Wall Putty

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          $ 225.00 - $ 325.00 /MT

          Brand: Walplast Home Sure
          Categories: Putties

          Walplast HomeSure Wall Putty is a white cement based polymer modified wall putty specially developed as a finish coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces and to make the walls/ceilings ready for painting. As it is white, it can be treated as a base coat for painting. What is a skim coat? : A skim coat is a thin layer of cementitious plaster which is “skimmed” e.g. applied very thinly onto the interior and exterior of plastered and concrete surfaces.

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