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        • Triphenyl bismuth

          Triphenyl bismuth

          FOB price:

          $ 900.00 - $ 1100.00 /KG

          Brand: nayu
          Categories: Sulfide Catalysts

          Triphenyl bismuth (TPB) is used as curing catalyst for high burning rate butyl hydroxyl propellant. TPB can reduce the curing temperature of the propellant, shorten curing time, and the processing performance and mechanical properties of no side effects, dosage of TPB reference is 0.006% ~ 0.05% of the total propellant, 50 ℃ in curing time is 7 days, also can be used as acetylene polymerization cyclization symplectic four tin chloride catalyst, polymerization catalysts, poly formaldehyde ring curing agent, certain other monomer polymerization catalyst.

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